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Of Hardwork and Office Politics…

For the first time in my career life, I’m worried that I may not be regularized… this is how important my new job is to me.. I’ve learned the meaning of hardwork, of over time and office politics. Sa call center kasi, maski may mga taong hindi mo type, keber lang kasi you’re busy taking calls. pero dito, hay nako… The nerve of that newly promoted supervisor for trying to destroy our batch unity. And she has the guts to say that it’s something that she wanted to happen, yung mag away away kami. The only downside to this company is that, attitude and professionalism doesn’t matter to them. At the end of the day, they want to see the numbers. Where else could you see a newly supervisor who’s habit is screaming out foul words, flying paper air planes who’s sole intent is distract everyone who’s hard at work. San ka pa, may kausap kang taga insurance, ang bunganga ng bisor eh puro putang ina sa back ground. pag pinag sabihan mo, lalapit pa sa headset mo at dun pa magmumura ng magmumura. even the reps on the other line gets irritated, not because they know she’s saying something that’s foul but because she’s so irritatingly noisy. And guess what? May newly promoted Coal Coach naman, na ganun din ang bunganga. The only thing is, she’s the english version. Imagine speaking to a rep on the other side of the line, trying your best to sound professional and authoritative, while on the background, somebody’s yelling “F**k You! You bitch!” for the nth time? sigh… those are one of the few, but at the end of the day I’m still happy that I’ve met people who’ve taught me how to keep it cool, shrug it off and just work hard. By the way, the palengkera sup is not my supervisor, because had she been my sup, I would have resigned faster than she can say tang’na! My supervisor is awesome, I’ve been under a lot of very good supervisor, but this one I’ve got knows how to balance professionalism, familiarity and fairness. maski dinuduga na sya ng ibang sup, and we’re telling him to retalliate, he would always say that it’s not going to be fair. He knows how to drive us to work harder, and he recognizes that we’ve worked too much, even if the numbers says otherwise.. and I salute him for that. TL Jesse, you truly are one of a kind.


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