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what a blah day..

at work and all systems are down.. just like the state of my heart, haha.. emo mode.. i missed blogging but i have so much inhibition nowadays to even write a decent one. i hope to one day read back and laugh at all my sentiments because today, I read my previous posts from my previous life and I still feel the same sentiments. I guess that’s the price of not learning from experience, of repeating all the past mistakes. i may have grown in years but none the wiser. no ise for being sorry, i will never be able to turn back the hands of time. now i wonder if the future will be any brighter. cross fingers…


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2011 about to end

so,  i guess i’ve come full circle since my last post. i’ve found a new.. should I say, a lame excuse of a guy on 2009 and the jrek cheated on me right under my nose. sigh.. i’m such a jerk magnet andmaybe that’s because i’m such a jerk myself, having guys who wouldn’t care whether or not they hurt me like hell. and every single day i get to watch the jerk and his whore be happy as if they’ve found the love of their lives.. when will mine come? i guess no  one’s out there for me so I pray that I’d learn to be content with just me, myself and I.. something’s so wrong with me and i guess i’m such a badass for relationships. so here I am, 30 and single, while everyone around me is practically getting married or gettingpregnant. sucks to be cheated on and the cheater ends up being happy while i’m being miserable.. sucks to be alone. my life sucks. i wouldn’t want anyone else, event my greatest enemy to have my kind of life. I hope God sees my life because it’s so broken and it’s so sad…

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